Life at MCV

SWAD in Hind means 'taste'. The Chinmaya Vidyalayas have a special flavour. They are Schools with a Difference (SWAD) This "swad' is because we strive to create Management, Principals, Teachers and Parents with a difference which in turn makes for schools and students with a difference

Visionary and Supportive Management:

They provide strategic planning for growth, efficient management of resources and support the entire institution giving it a firm foundation in its vision. ( goals)

Inspired and Inspiring Principals:

These principle -centred principals are inspired by the great vision of the Vidyalayas and in turn make inspiring CEOs leading the school to greater heights.

Dedicated and Efficient Teachers:

Besides being well qualified they also love knowledge, teaching and children and effectively transmit values and culture along with knowledge and skills.

Sensitive and co-operative Parents:

They give their children love, care and discipline, bestowing values and culture in sync with the vision of vidyalaya


Chinmaya Vidyalaya sincerely strives to bring out Students With A Difference who are endowed with Knowledge, Spirit of Service and Efficiency (Jnanam Seva cha Kaushalam).