MARG Chinmaya Vidyalaya Tirupathi

MARG Limited, one of India's fastest growing infrastructure companies, has been playing a key role in regional growth in places where it has presence. As port of our initiative to provide overall regional growth, we are also committed to the developmental needs of the society, and as a step in that direction we make a humble beginning by joining hands with the Chinmaya Mission to start MARG CHINMAYA VIDYALAYA at Vishwashakthi complex. This is the first-ever CHINMAYA MISSION VIDYALAYA established in Tirupati. The school is envisioned to lend new Iight to the region. It will enlighten young minds by imparting knowledge aimed at excellence and prepare children to be global citizens with care and respect for Indian culture, heritage, values, society and environment.

SWAMI Chinmayanandas Message

To mould the behavior of an individual is to mould the character of the community. This is what education strives to achieve. A child's contribution to the society will directly depend upon his character and personality. The present inference of behavior that is observed in all levels of our society can be directly attributed to the unsavory growth of the real personality in the children.