This English medium co-educational school follows CBSE syllabus. The options for second language till class III are Telugu and Hindi. Students con choose between Telugu/Hind and Sanskrit or Hindi as their third language after class IV. The school will have classes from I to VI from 2012.

Parents To Contact

The Correspondent /The Principal's Office on prior appointment.

Visiting Hours: 3:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

School Uniform

The school has made arrangements for the supply of uniforms (cloth) for students. Belts will be supplied along with the uniform cloth. To maintain uniformity, school uniform doth should be ordered only from the school. Every student is expected to acquire at least two sets of uniforms. In addition students are to wear games uniform on Fridays.

Uniform Type (Class I-VI)

Regular Uniform

Boys - Grey shorts with light blue slacks and black shoes, white socks.

Girls - Grey pinafore/skirt with light blue blouse, white ribbon and black shoes, white socks.

Games Uniform

Boys - Games uniform according to the house colour, white shorts and white shirt.

Girls- White divided skirt and white shirt.